Torkelson Research Group


John Torkelson

Group Members




Current Group Members:  The Polymer Crew

(as of Sept. 20, 2016)

Ph.D. Students

      Shadid Askar, Chemical Eng
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., University of Texas at Austin)

      Lanhe Zhang, Materials Science and Eng.
         (B.A. Chemistry, Mount Holyoke)

      Elizabeth Dhulst, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemistry., Providence College)

      Kailong Jin, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., Nanjing University of Technology)

      Goliath Beniah, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical and Biomol. Eng., Nanyang Technological University)

      Tong Wei, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

      Lingqiao Li, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., Tianjin University)

M.S. Students

      Xi Chen, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

      Mingxiao Li, Chemical Eng.
         (B.S. Chemical Eng., Zhejiang University)

B.S. Students

      Lucia Brunel, Chemical Eng.
         (Current undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University)


Polymer Crew Alumni